July 31st 2015

Spontaneous Bornholm Trip



Last Saturday I went on a very spontaneous trip to Bornholm (danish island) with my friend, Anna Dornan. We sat at the Italian restaurant in Copenhagen in the early evening hours – got a bite to eat and talked. I brought up that I needed some sun, heat and a getaway, and we therefore got the idea to do a spontaneous trip that evening. It was obviously not possible to order a last minute travel the same day, so we decided to rent a car and drive to Berlin, but it was not possible either, so we checked flights and Bornholm was the only destination that could be booked that very same evening.

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July 24th 2015

Adidas Logo T-Shirts


1. Adidas T-Shirt Men   |   2. Adidas T-Shirt Women   |   3. Adidas T-Shirt Men


I already own an Adidas logo t-shirt with gold print, and wish that I had bought a classic white or black. They fit so well for the summer with ripped jeans or shorts and a pair of sneakers. These t-shirts are also obvious to wear during a session at the gym. For these reasons, I am considering to click one home from ASOS. And it is certainly not because your budget is crashing for a price of 30 EUR!

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July 11th 2015

Ripped Washed Jeans


Sneakers Valentino*   |   Jeans Diesel   |   T-Shirt Acne Studios*
Jacket POPcph   |   Sunglasses Ralph Lauren


The images were shot in Copenhagen a few days before I went to Norway to visit my family. We were a few who met at The Quay Bridge and took the harbor bus to the Opera House from where we went to Christianshavn. The weather and the company was good. Good can not describe how the weather is here in Steinkjer. It has been raining ever since we came and the temperature is somewhere between 10 and 12 degrees. I had hoped the weather was warm and sunny so I could lay in the garden and soak up the sun, but it does not seem like it is going to happen. I hope the weather is just slightly better where you are.

July 11th 2015

Miami & Key West Snapshots


I N  M I A M I  &  K E Y  W E S T  W I T H  C E L E B R I T Y  C R U I S E S


Before we went to sea with Celebrity Cruises, we were in Miami for 2 days where we didn’t do much more than experience South Beach and the surrounding area. We ate sushi, went for a walk on the beach, drank a couple cups of coffee, took pictures and did some shopping. When we after seven days at sea, came back to Miami, we took a taxi to a car rental near MIA airport where we rented a nice car and again drove to South Beach. As the darkness fell over the city and the stores closed, we drove towards Key West to visit one of Lisa‘s friends. It was a shame that we only had 24 hours on the island – it is a beautiful place that I want to experience again. The same applies to Miami. Below you can see a few snapshots from our days in Key West and Miami.

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July 8th 2015

Black Meets White


I L I R I D A  K R A S N I Q I  X  P A T R I C K  P A N K A L L A

Once again I have joined forces with the gorgeous albanian/danish blogger, Ilirida Krasniqi, to shoot another series for our blogs and social media. The concept is black meets white – I think that these achromatic colours looks cool when they are put up against each other. We already have a new shoot in mind with a new concept and we are looking forward to complete it and present you for the result. Tonight I will be up in the air on my way to Trondheim in Norway, where I will spend some time with my Norwegian family. It has been ages since I have seen them and I am looking forward to visit them again. I hope that I will get some time to prepare some future posts and make a few refinements on the design.