March 4th 2015

100 Years W/ The Iconic Bottle


1 0 0  Y E A R S  W I T H  T H E  I C O N I C  C O C A – C O L A  B O T T L E


I think it’s really admirable how established Coca-Cola has gone to be throughout the years since 1886. The iconic bottle just turned 100 y/o and I have nothing but respect. Most companies can only dream of such a success where no man can doubt about the brand. Coca-Cola is a world wide known soft drink with a unique design which has only changed minimally over the years and we can all recognise the design, even in the dark, which is very unique. Coca-Cola has always been my favourite soda no matter where in the world I am. It is always the safe choice and you are guaranteed to get the same taste experience every time.

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March 3rd 2015

With A Touch of Red


1. Norse Projects Jens Melton Shirt   |   2. A.P.C. Oregon Blouson Jacket   |   3. Theory Wellar Tuxedo Jacket


Red has never been the most pleasing colour for me even though I think it’s a pretty colour that symbolizes good values. I can clearly see in my wardrobe that I’ve come to be happier for bright colours and tones. Black doesn’t appeal to me in the same way as it used to. It’s probably because of the weather has improved over the past few weeks. It has a great effect on my soul, my mood, my energy, my charisma and my attire. I’m quite sure I will wear a few other colours and tones throughout spring and summer.

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March 1st 2015

Navy Suede + Suit Trousers


Jacket Casual Friday   |   Turtleneck Uniqlo   |   Sneakers PUMA   |   Trousers Casual Friday


It is always a pleasure to see brands evolve into something better with time. I am positively surprised by Casual Friday which has developed a lot since their first collection. They have boosted their social media, got their website up and running and the design team have been given freer rein to create rich collections. As you see on the pictures above I am wearing their navy blue suede jacket from Main Spring ’15 and their suit trousers from Autumn Opening ’15. You can see more to Casual Friday on their website.

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February 28th 2015

White/Blue T-Shirts


1. Adidas   |   2. Nike   |   3. ASOS   |   4. American Apparel   |   5. Polo Ralph Lauren   |   6. Cheap Monday


I’m already looking for some basic items for my spring/summer wardrobe. I have the past year been really good to dress myself in black through the summer and most days it’s too hot for wearing black. Therefore it’s only an advantage that I’ve recently found white and blue more appealing. Blue is after all my fave colour. I’ve found 6 t-shirt in white and blue which I see as possible future purchases.

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February 27th 2015

If I Was A Girl


Biker Jacket Proenza Schouler   |   Coat Y-3   |   Shoulder Bag Proenza Schouler   |   Trousers Carin Wester
Leather Jacket Helmut Lang   |   Skirt Sofie D’hoore   |   Boots + Bag Valentino Garavani

If I was a girl (and wealthy) I would purchase everything at above immediately. I personally think that it’s some really neat items from some impressive and talented designers and brands. The bag and the leather jacket from Proenza Schouler plus the trousers from Carin Wester is just really appealing.