July 2nd 2015

All Black In May


Sneakers Maruti   |   Pants Casual Friday   |   Sweatshirt 2xH Brothers   |   Jacket 2nd Hand
Shirt Calvin Klein   |   Hat Hennes & Mauritz   |   Sunglasses Ralph Lauren


Back in May, I was out drinking coffee with Stine Mo in the spring sun. We also shot these pictures. They are first being posted now because I have had some distance from everything I love doing for a while – I can refer you to my previous post where I elaborates. I am wearing one of my newest additions to my wardrobe – the black sweatshirt which is from a relatively new Danish brand called 2xH Brothers that is being sold online at ASOS* and the American webshop East Dane. Respect!

June 25th 2015

Why I’ve Been Distracted



I would just like to explain why I have been so distracted from the blog and my social media lately. I have the last two months been renovating my new apartment and it is finally falling into place. The apartment and my exams have taken all my time and I have only had a social life when I have been out in the Copenhagen nightlife. I am still under some pressure – I have a couple of deadlines and night-shooting at Sunday this week. I plan to get the blog up and running again within 2 weeks, but there will already be a lot more from today’s date – it hurts in my little blogger-heart when I see that I have only posted 2 posts during 2 months. I hope that you are still out there.

June 3rd 2015

3.1 Phillip Lim SS15 Favourites


1. T-SHIRT   |   2. KIMONO   |   3. BOMBER JACKET   |   4. T-SHIRT   |   5. BACKPACK
6. PULLOVER   |   7. PULLOVER   |   8. TANK   |   9. T-SHIRT


It is certainly no secret that Phillip Lim is one of my all time favourite designers. He manages to create clothing that every season hits my personal taste for style and my own minimalist universe. I have put together a collage with my spring/summer 2015 favourites – they are seen above. I especially love the judo shirt jacket/kimono and I am considering clicking it home sometime this week.

May 7th 2015

Back At It Again


Sneakers Valentino   |   Pants + Kimono Hennes & Mauritz   |   Watch Filippo Loreti


I can definitely feel that I haven’t got shot outfit pictures since I was in Caribbean on board one of Celebrity Cruises‘ ships. I’m completely out of the routine and it took considerably longer to shoot these pictures than what it normally does. However, I love to wear my new Valentino sneakers, wide leg pants which are extremely comfortable (I can barely feel that I have them on my legs) and this kimono from Hennes & Mauritz.

April 27th 2015

Surprised By My Friends


P I C S  F R O M  M Y  I N S T A G R A M  @ P A T R I C K  P A N K A L L A


Did I ever tell you how amazing friends I have? I had expected a quiet and intimate birthday with a delicious dinner at Sticks’n’Sushi with 3 of my beloved friends followed by cold drinks and lovely tunes at Sunday Club where we would meet with Amalie Wessel and her friend Camilla. After dinner I was told that we just had to drop by Jupiter Club to grab a forgotten passport. There was no queue and the picker (which always wants to see ID – even though he perfectly well knows that he has seen mine too many times) let us in without further ado.

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