February 8th 2016

Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Gifts For The Man In Your Life


Society Smooth Operator Shave Set    |    Wide Brim Unstructured Fedora Hat    |    Leather Card Holder
Chunky Bangle In Black    |    Stuff Every Man Should Know Book    |    Tweezerman Grooming Kit
3 Pack Woven Boxers    |    Suede ChelseBoots    |    T-Shirt With Fringe Back & Acid Wash
Longline Quilted Sweatshirt With Zips    |    Shoe Shine Kit Washbag
Watch With Metal Face and Black Strap

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I have therefore found 12 possible gifts on budget for the man in your life. I generally have a very hard time finding the perfect gifts for the people in my life, and I have pretty much never given a gift on Valentine’s Day. I could imagine that I am not the only one. The classic flower gift, of course, could also be an option, but it is a bit boring and I have never heard of a man who thinks it is nice to get flowers as a gift.

A shaving-care kit, shoe shine kit and tweezerman kit are 3 essential things in a man’s life, but it is not always something that we want to spend our money on, so that is surely a possible gift. I would definitely be happy about receiving such a gift. A pair of black leather Saint Laurent chelsea boots, however, would be an even better gift ;-)

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February 5th 2016

Black, Blue & White

Acne Studios
Frame Sunglasses
Open Sneaker
Biker Jacket

cphfw-aw-16-outfit-day-one-6cphfw-aw-16-outfit-day-one-1cphfw-aw-16-outfit-day-one-10cphfw-aw-16-outfit-day-one-2cphfw-aw-16-outfit-day-one-3cphfw popcph biker jacketcphfw-aw-16-outfit-day-one-4cphfw-aw-16-outfit-day-one-5cphfw-aw-16-outfit-day-one-7

Sneakers Valentino*   |   Jeans + Shirt Weekday   |   Jacket POPcph   |   Sunglasses Acne Studios*

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On Wednesday, during the Copenhagen Fashion Week’s first day, I was wearing this outfit consisting of my Valentino sneakers, white jeans and navy blue shirt from Weekday, black POPcph biker jacket, Acne Studios frame sunglasses and my fedora hat from H&M. I have never been good at dressing up warm in the winter months, and fashion week is no exception. It was a very cold experience that really got my eyes opened for that I need to pull myself together and invest in a nice winter jacket, but where do I find the perfect one? I have looked through numerous online shops and stores, but I have not found one that has fallen on fertile ground. If you have a suggestion for a warm winter jacket, I would love for you to drop a comment below with a link.

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January 29th 2016

NYC Penthouse Apartment


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My dream is to live in my own penthouse apartment on Manhattan in New York. It doesn’t have to be a large apartment, but it must be a very nice one. The location is perfect and there’s the most amazing views over the city. I took off early from work. Darkness has fallen over the city. I have set fire under pots and pans, and is starting to cook the most exquisite dinner. I walk into the living room and turn on my music system and out of the speakers comes the most beautiful jazz tones. I open up a nice bottle of white wine (I can’t stand red wine) and pour it very gently up in the finest glass I own.

I swing with the music and take the last look on the posts. I walk quietly toward the doorway to the living room with the glass in my hand, continues and ends in front of my big panorama window. I observe the amazing view for a while. Close my eyes and live myself into the jazz universe. A few minutes passes and the moment is disturbed by the sound of a key that is set in the front door lock and is rotated. Through the door, comes the love of my life. The dinner is served.

Wouldn’t it be just amazing? The best part about this, is that I know, that this dream will one day come true. A life filled with success and all that my heart ever wanted in this life are waiting for me. All I wish for my future, I choose to believe will come true. I just need to visualize this wonderful dream and believe that it will someday be fulfilled.

One day, I’ll think back to this particular post and feel blessed and extremely grateful.

xx Patrick Pankalla

January 25th 2016

Oversized Checked Print


T-Shirt Weekday   |   Trousers + Hat H&M   |   Sneakers Nike   |   Belt Matinique


Last Friday I went to the National Gallery of Denmark with Nana. It was so nice to do something different than the usual. Besides going through the art (fact: I prefer the contemporary art), we shot the pictures that you see above. We also shot some amazing pictures of Nana, which will be published in connection with a new, upcoming and exciting project that I almost can not wait to get finished with so I can finally let it go online and share it with all you guys. 

Anyways … I was wearing my new oversized checked print shirt from Weekday, which has a loose boxed fit with a simple round neckline and short sleeves. I chose to tuck it down my pants to give the outfit a more formal look and added a pair of Nike Air Max 95 sneakers, which gives the opposite expression and a fine touch. The belt is classic, by now an old case and from Matinique.

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January 24th 2016

2016 Wishlist

2016 wish list

Grey T-Shirt Maison Margiela    |    White T-Shirt J. W. Anderson    |    Sweater KENZO    |    Leather Boots Valentino
Leather Jacket Saint Laurent    |    Scarf Givenchy    |    Black T-Shirt Givenchy    |    Trousers Valentino
Sweatshirt Damir Doma    |    Loafers Gucci    |   Bag Proenza schouler    |    Belt Louis Vuitton

As the year progresses, my material Wishlist for 2016, only gets longer and longer. My vision for my wardrobe this year is to invest in simple and unique quality styles from some of my favourite high-end brands. I love simple styles with a unique detail like the white single knot t-shirt above from J. W. Anderson and the black ‘Syliam’ sweatshirt from Damir Doma with a hole on both shoulders and white stitching. I’m far from satisfied with my wardrobe, so I have to do something about it in the upcoming months. In that context I’m going to sell out of my wardrobe. Stay tuned her on By Pankalla.

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